Organizational Leadership Degree Program: Robert Morris University


RMU’S Organizational Leadership Degree Programs Position You for Success

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. —John Maxwell

Learn and practice how leaders recognize opportunity and motivate individuals and groups, and how and why followers choose people to lead them. Study how to enable teams to implement strategies and accomplish goals, while drawing on the capabilities of all kinds of participants.

The M.S. in Organizational Leadership program teaches students how to effectively develop and motivate others, manage information and technology, and accomplish organizational goals. 

Why Choose RMU for a Degree in Organizational Leadership?

Become a leader. Study the theories and strategies of conflict negotiation, critical thinking, ethics, and change, as well as how to manage information and technology and analyze human behavior in cultural contexts. The Organizational Leadership degrees are offered in a traditional or online format, as well as in a hybrid format that combines both online and traditional classroom coursework. Classes are offered on the main campus, the Downtown campus, and other locations.

Related Jobs Available to Organizational Leadership Graduates

A wide range of career options is available to students completing the Organizational Studies/Leadership degree program. Sample job titles include: adult instructor, career counselor, communications officer, community outreach coordinator, consultant, corporate trainer, customer service manager, employee relations representative, employment counselor, events coordinator, health care administrator, human resource manager, job coach, marketing assistant, office manager, operations manager, organizational behavior specialist, personnel manager, program manager, project leader, recruiter, researcher/analyst, retail manager, safety director, sales manager, supervisor, training manager, training specialist or vocational counselor.