Frequent Questions: Robert Morris University


D.SC. Information Systems and Communications

Are there scholarship opportunities available?
Yes, scholarships are distributed based on the information that is provided in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

How many people are in the cohort?
Cohort size is 12-20 students.

Can I work my full time job and still take this program?
Yes, all previous applicants have held full-time positions. The program is a three year full- time program delivered in an executive part-time cohort driven format. It meets on campus sixteen days fall term and sixteen days spring term for each of the three years. The executive format assures student success and minimizes isolation by scheduling seven day residencies in late August and early January with additional weekend residencies scheduled for September, October, November or December, February, March and April - totaling 96 days over the three year period. Below is an example of the previous cohort’s schedule:

Fall 2016

Spring 2017

August 22 – 28

January 3 – 8

September 16 – 18

February 3 – 5

October 14 – 16

March 3 – 5

November 18 – 20

April 7 – 9

How many people graduate in the three years?
Approximately 90% of graduates complete the program in three years.

Who teaches in this doctoral program?
All doctoral faculty have terminal degrees and publish. Faculty have a blend of professional and teaching experience.

How are advisers selected for the dissertations?
The dissertation advisers and committee are selected based on the topic.

What are some examples of previous dissertations?

  • Examining the effectiveness of Alice in Java programming course amount students in a Malaysian public university
  • An inventory and use analysis of information systems on small farms in Pennsylvania Factors affecting use of telepresence technology in a global technology company Cultural impact on e-commerce: A comparative study
  • A clinical reminder information system: improving the quality of patient care
  • Division I female collegiate athletes’ perceptions in relation to male head coaches’ communication style
  • A study of social media knowledge skills, abilities, and training with training with implications and recommendations for curriculum developers
  • Internet use by low-income working age adults in the District of Columbia

How are the interviews conducted for applicants?
Applicants of the D.Sc. program will complete two interviews as part of the admission process. The first interview is conducted with the program director and the second with the Doctoral Admissions Committee. Interviews can be done in person or over the phone.

How long has RMU had a D.Sc. in Information Systems and Communications?
The D.Sc. program began in fall 1999. The first cohort graduated in spring 2002.