DNP - Family (Individual - Across Lifespan) NP: Robert Morris University


RMU is at the Forefront of this Ever-Changing Industry

Modern health care is more about diagnosing and treating illnesses. It’s about holistic, family-focused care that includes a wide range of health care services across the lifespan.

RMU’s Family (Individual - Across Lifespan) NP track of the BSN to DNP program prepares students to become certified registered family nurse practitioners for today’s rapidly changing health care environment, giving them the skills and knowledge they need to provide holistic, culturally competent care and support on a long-term basis.

Why RMU?

The educational objectives of the DNP - Family (Individual - Across Lifespan) Nurse Practitioner  Track of the BSN to DNP Program are to prepare certified registered family nurse practitioners who:

  • Monitor, educate and plan for the long-term health care needs of families they care for;
  • Diagnose and treat primary care diseases and illnesses across the life span and address a wide range of family health care problems, in collaboration with other health care professionals;
  • Address family health needs in a holistic way, including diet, exercise, complementary therapies, genetics, drug and alcohol use, and others;
  • Identify patients' specialty referral needs and make such referrals as appropriate;
  • Provide support and treatment on a long-term basis for patients with chronic illnesses; and
  • Facilitate collaborative processes.

The curriculum for the FNP Track includes a total of 86 credits and 1,308 clinical hours. The program can be completed in four years taking two to three courses per semester.