Instructional Leadership with Principal Certification: Robert Morris University

Principal Certification

Earn a Master of Science in Instructional Leadership
with Principal Certification in Two Years or Less

Instructional Leadership Degree and Principal Certification

The 15-credit Principal Certification Program is for teachers with at least two years of teaching experience who want to pursue school administrative positions.  The program can be taken as part of the Master of Science in Instructional Leadership or as a stand-alone PDE certification.

The program begins in the summer with a Principal Preparation Seminar, and is followed by a sequence of four internship courses that allows the candidate a full year of experience in a school or school district. More information on the program is here.

All Principal Certification Candidates are assigned to a mentor principal from the participating school, and a university supervisor from the teaching faculty at Robert Morris.

Why Choose RMU for M.S. in Instructional Leadership with Principal Certification?

  • Complete the degree and certification program in two years or less
  • Courses are completed during two summer, fall, and spring semesters
  • Five Master's courses are completed at RMU or online in one year
  • Five Principal Certification courses are completed in one year
  • 80% of your principal internship course work is completed in the schools
  • 20% of your principal internship course work is completed at RMU
  • Interns develop a leadership plan designed to meet the needs of students and teachers
  • Internships prepare interns for the School Leaders Licensure Assessment
  • Tuition discounts may apply
  • Graduates earn a Master’s degree and Principal certification

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