Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction Certification: Robert Morris University


The School of Education and Social Sciences at Robert Morris University announces the Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction Certification program. The program is designed to engage experienced educators in collaborative coursework and school-based internships, then document the successful performance of their leadership skills and competencies in curriculum supervision in conjunction with the PA Department of Education Standards. This certification program is specifically targeted for PreK-12 educators who have completed a minimum of five successful years of teaching.

This 18-credit graduate level course of study is approved by the PA Department of Education and meets the increased demand for leaders in curriculum supervision and development across the state. The six-course sequence culminates in a certification as Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction within the PreK-12 system from the PDE. Students who have already attained their Masters of Science in Instructional Leadership (MSIL) may only have to take an additional two courses that include 360 hours of internship to fulfill the requirements.

Why Choose RMU for your Certification Program?

Integrating both the leadership skills along with a deep understanding of the curriculum development needs that exist within our current school environments, this program provides an engaged interactive learning experience for participants that will prepare them for their new leadership role.

Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction Core -- 18 Credits Required

  • EDUC6060 Curriculum Design and Assessment
  • EDUC6090 Instructional Leadership and Decision Making
  • EDUC6110 Integrating Instructional Technology
  • EDUC6000 Critical Issues Affecting American Education
  • EDUC7001 The Role and Function of Personnel Supervision
  • EDUC7002 Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction Internship (360 Hours)