Mobile Forensics and Security: Robert Morris University


The Department of Computer and Information Systems is offering a certificate program in Mobile Forensics and Security (MFS), both on-campus and fully online. This new certificate program will take advantage of the CIS department’s existing expertise in the areas of cyber forensics and information security, while expanding into mobile security issues.

Currently, RMU is the only four-year institution in the tri-state area (Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio) that offers a degree in both Cyber Forensics and Information Security (CFIS).

This certificate program is part of a Mobile Security Project grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Dr. Karen Paullet is the Principal Investigator for the project, and Dr. Sushma Mishra and Dr. Jamie Pinchot are Co-Principal Investigators.

Outcomes of the Program:

  • Demonstrate the use of various computer and mobile forensic software tools and techniques as well as follow proper legal procedures for obtaining, analyzing, and reporting digital forensic evidence from computers and mobile phones
  • Properly report the findings of a cyber forensic investigation in both written form (using proper grammar, writing style, and citation) and in oral form (i.e. within the context of a trial, hearing, or deposition)
  • Identify and analyze legal issues within technology, such as: online contracts, computer crime, fraud, privacy, defamation, hate speech, indecency, obscenity, cyber-squatting, and intellectual property
  • Demonstrate various techniques for preventing unauthorized attacks to computer networks and mobile devices and apply measures for minimizing the damage caused by intruders

Duration and Links to Existing Degrees:

The certificate program is designed for students to be able to complete it in one year. Students who complete the certificate program will be immediately employable, or they can continue in the program to graduate with a B.S. in Cyber Forensics and Information Security, Computer Information Systems, or Information Sciences, as currently offered by the School of Communications and Information Systems.


The MFS certificate program will consist of seven courses. Students enrolled in the certificate will need to take the four required courses and will have the option to choose three electives from a list of five. Note that one of the required courses, Introduction to Decision Support Systems, is a required course for all students at RMU. However, this course can be waived upon admission to the certificate program if the applicant has taken a comparable course elsewhere or has comparable business experience.


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