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RMU is at the Forefront of this Ever-Changing Industry

The tremendous changes underway in U.S. health care delivery demand trained administrators and managers who understand how to achieve cost-effective care through process improvement and a focus on improving overall wellness. The days of volume-based care models are gone. Now every employer – hospitals, insurers, and other care providers – has to do more with less, and needs managers who understand the new models.

RMU's B.S. in Health Services Administration program is designed to prepare individuals to gain entry and advance as leaders in a wide variety of health care organizations. 

RMU’s  M.S. in Health Services Administration degree program focuses on the latest techniques in management, strategic planning, organizational leadership, communication, budgeting and finance, research and evaluation, and other disciplines to put you on the path to promotion.

Why Choose RMU For Your Masters in Health Services Administration?

Build your marketable skills and position yourself for advancement in a fast-changing field. The Health Services Administration degree is designed to prepare individuals to gain entry and advance as leaders in a wide variety of health care organizations. The degree is taught fully online by experienced faculty and working professionals, giving you a chance to earn your degree at your own pace, on your own time.

RMU's program was ranked #5 in The Best Colleges' Top 10 Bachelor of Health Management and Health Administration Degree Programs of 2011-12. It also made SuperScholar's list of the Top 25 Smart Choice Schools for Online Healthcare Administration Degrees.

Related Jobs

Graduates find jobs in the administration of hospitals, physicians’ offices, clinics, long-term care or managed care facilities, rehabilitation services, pharmaceutical sales or government.

Our Health Services Administration Program Rankings

RMU’s Online B.S. in Health Services Administration Degree Program ranked 8 in the 20 Best Online Bachelor in Healthcare Administration Degree Programs by TheBestSchools.org.