Why RMU: Robert Morris University


There are many reasons why people choose one university over another: degrees offered, class size, convenience, cost, etc. At Robert Morris University, we’ve taken all of these factors and more into account in order to become the region’s university of choice.

Robert Morris offers a level of personal attention and professional focus you won’t find at other universities. Over the past decade we’ve earned a reputation for quality while still remaining affordable. We also offer the kind of flexibility you need with your busy lifestyle.

At RMU we engage our students both inside and outside the classroom, and we document your experiential learning on our innovative Student Engagement Transcript. We also provide a level of support you won’t find elsewhere. For online students, we’ve created a comprehensive learning experience that closely mirrors that of traditional students. For military veterans, we offer generous college benefits, closing any gap between the post 9/11 education benefits and our tuition.

Personal. Professional. Supportive. That’s RMU. Come see what we’re all about.