Student Engagement: Robert Morris University


Enhancing Your Education in the Classroom…and Beyond

Learning shouldn’t be limited to the classroom. After all, it’s something that happens every day of your life, through your experiences at home and work, and through your interactions with the community.

At RMU, we understand the value of experiential learning. We developed our innovative Student Engagement Program to encourage these types of educational experiences and to formally document them as a valuable addition to your résumé. Here you’ll get all the personal, intellectual, and professional benefits that come from integrating workplace experiences, service learning, research, leadership development, and global perspectives into your coursework.

We also want to help you find ways to be fully engaged in your education, whether you’re taking classes online or part-time. That’s why we’ve worked hard to provide the same level of support and access to all the same services and resources that are available to our traditional students, including enriched personal interactions with RMU professors, other students, and alumni.

It’s a unique approach to education that you’ll only find at Robert Morris University.